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Sommerferien sind da! In einigen beliebten Touristenstädten liegt die Hotelauslastung bei 90%.

Date: 2020-07-31

Recently, across provinces gradually open, Beijing emergency response level changed from level 2 to level 3, summer tourism market is rapidly rising.Meituan data show that students summer tourism consumption recovery rate was 52%.According to statistics of ctrip, sanya, haikou, kunming, chengdu, chongqing, xian, zhengzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai and other places flight search heat rise considerably, sanya in the top 580%.

As the summer swim recovery, popular destination hotel occupancy rate has increased dramatically.Many hotels group, according to data from around the hotel occupancy rate increased significantly since July, good natural environment, our school room and parent-child activities and provide relevant preferential policies of the hotel in summers, is especially popular.The personage inside course of study says, on the one hand, this summer the family travel will increase, on the other hand travel plans more cautious, so health measures strictly, activity space large hotels rebounded significantly.

However, the relevant person in charge of many hotels, said July bookings increased significantly, while in August but it is can't see the bookings.Affected by the outbreak, the travel of people spending habits change, travel planning and booking cycle is shortened obviously.

Pull the hotel occupancy in summers, Beijing guest bookings growth significantly

The Beijing news reporter from marriott international, intercontinental, Club Med, such as hotel group has a succession of good news as well as the coming of summer, pull around the hotel bookings."Especially in sanya, haikou, kunming, lijiang, chengdu, chongqing and other traditional popular holiday destination hotel, summer occupancy rate rise significantly."The relevant person in charge of intercontinental hotels group said, "in addition, Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou and other cities of vacationing industry hotels are also popular."According to marriott international, its China, 80% of hotels have started to in July, the tourist destination and some second-tier cities hotel presents a relatively obvious growth trend, such as chengdu hotel occupancy rate has reached 90% last week, zhengzhou, wuhan and xi 'an, the hotel occupancy rate is above 70%.

In addition, with the Beijing emergency response level changed from level 2 to level 3, much of the hotel said that from this week's bookings, increase in tourists in Beijing.Ctrip, according to sanya, haikou, lijiang, hangzhou, xi 'an, tianjin, qinhuangdao, Qingdao hotel most tourists like Beijing, the live ctrip BOSS sold hotel voucher booking heat up 400%.Qinhuangdao five-star hotel staff said that the hotel is full house this weekend, how is family guests from Beijing.

The Beijing news reporter from Qingdao, hangzhou and other places more than hotels, since last week, Beijing area visitors consulting and reservation number increased obviously, the main consulting is required to provide proof within 7 days of the nucleic acid detection, and indoor swimming pool, children's facilities whether open."We have learned, at present most of the tourist cities or scenic area of the hotel guests for low-risk region is no longer required to provide accounting test proves that the temperature is normal and healthy green yard.In addition, most of the hotels have opened the indoor swimming pool, but hotel industry insiders suggest that tourists before travel advisory details.

Around the hotel summer breaks, parent-child holiday hotel is the most popular

A hotel industry insiders said that summer holidaying is this year a lot of families "just".Summer travel forecast of China's tourism research institute recently released report shows that nearly ninety percent of households are interested holidaying, more than sixty percent of the family offered to take children travel two or more times, nearly thirty percent of households willing to travel for three to four times."Popular tourist destination and scenic resorts are very high attention", the industry insiders said, "children at home stuffy for half a year, those with large area of room, the natural environment is superior and has children activity zone parent-child resort is especially popular."

, according to Club Med in guilin and sanya resort in July average occupancy rate of 10% growth, on 15th July 1 solstice, guilin Club Med guilin and yangshuo area average occupancy rate 25% higher than that of the actual occupancy rate.A consumer in Beijing just booked a Club Med in guilin trip over the weekend, she says, resorts, beautiful natural environment and rich parent-child activities is an important factor of 12 year old daughter and she choose, "rock climbing, mountain biking, trapeze, open-air theater and experience, the vegetation is very attractive."

The Beijing news reporter learned that, at present the hotel group in the summer and parent-child swimming, launched various preferential activities.July holiday hotel, for example, fans across the country launched a cloth and 8 yuan (BOOMi) family characteristic theme room upgrade summer special cloth fan family room, etc.Reopened on July 1, jiuzhaigou banyan tree, as well as parent-child guests to launch "the wild pursuit, parent-child" tour activities.Officials said, with the advent of summer, the hotel reservation has improved significantly.In addition, the jiuzhaigou scenic spot will travel event before the largest daily 10000 adjusted to 17000 person-time, also bring the positive influence to the hotel occupancy rate.It is understood that after entering the summer, marriott international's hotel bookings also increased significantly, has the hotel guest rooms and family courtesy parent is more popular with consumers, such as the theme of children room Jin Maowan hotel in Beijing and the Beijing happy much port of marriott hotel, etc.

Sanya off-season tourist season, duty-free new visitors

According to each hotel, sanya summer heat hotel reservation is higher.Marriott international, according to the data provided by the hotel in hainan in summer is strong, in the middle of July, sanya, the average hotel occupancy rate has reached 91.3%, the JW marriott resort sanya haitang bay has realized the full room, blue bay greentown westin spa resort hotel full house for three days.On July 1, according to Club Med solstice 15, sanya Club Med actual occupancy rate of 90%.

A hotel the personage inside course of study says, relatively fall and winter, in summer is one of the tourist season in sanya, largely because of July - August hot and rainy, but affected by the outbreak of this year, people value sanya resort more capacious space, outdoor swimming pool, island and the abundance of parent-child activities and environment, by contrast, climate factors but not important.In addition, the source analysis, with the formal implementation of the new offshore duty-free policy in hainan, hainan especially attractive haitang bay area further ascension.It is reported that hainan hotel also for summer introduced a variety of activities, such as marriott international launched around the island to explore products, including guest room occupancy, BMW energy-saving car travel experience and destination, and to be a partner with hainan duty-free shops in the related theme activities.Marriott international, said as the new tax policy in hainan, visitors will continue to increase, hainan hotel occupancy will be improved significantly.