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Jinjiang City Classic (Shanghai Nanjing Dong Lu Wai Tan Dian) (Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel Classiq (Shanghai Nanjing East Road The Bund)), Hotel de l 'Arc de TriompheAu - delà de la rivière peut être directement relié au centre de la bouche de loujiazui de Shanghai, la marche peut atteindre la route de Nanjing, Yuyuan, la place du peuple, le Musée de Shanghai, le grand théâtre et le Musée de la cire Madame dusha.L 'hôtel, ancien siège de la South Ocean Brothers Bank, a été construit dans les années 20 par le célèbre c. luthy.s.i.a.Art deco et l 'élément océanique sont les principaux styles de conception de l' hôtel.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Br Hongqiao Airport / Pudong International Airport Station est disponible en moyenne 53 minutes; le Centre national des congrès / Centre international des congrès indique que la ligne 2 va jusqu 'à l' exportation de Nanjing East Road 2 et qu 'il suffit de marcher trois minutes le long de la route de Tokyo de Nanjing vers la plage extérieure.
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Commentaires Plus
  • allison0506
    The location of the hotel is really good, the peace hotel on the edge of, and very close to the Bund. Around the room are very convenient
  • d03673606
    Good location, hotel design avant-garde.
  • pallaston
    Have to say this hotel is too stuffy, air ventilation of the room. the room is too small, stuffy inside uncomfortable. is on Nanjing Road location.
  • e00131868
    Very good location, the environment is also good, suitable for business trips to Shanghai's young people, is a modern boutique hotel decorated ... recommend
  • seaweed83
    Great! just beside the hotel, very near from Bund, very close to the pedestrian street, very convenient!
  • capfyl
    Booked for the second time, Huan Jing is very good, the location is also very convenient
  • A090112288
  • topguns
    Hotel away from the Bund, close, close to the hotel. Bund view panoramic eye, very good choice, breakfast very good
  • disneyland
    Location very good clean worth
  • nevergone
    Very nice hotel, very close to the Bund and convenient
  • always0112
    On holiday with their parents, location good.
  • ellesuna
    Easily accessible, hotel room clean and warm, well ... staying here next time.
  • soso77
    Taizan hotels! just beside the Hotel! convenient! waibaidu bridge walk from white beach, breakfast was great, being upgraded, rooms large enough to accommodate ten people, private bathrooms, and petals, essential oils and masks. mind no!
  • lanilin
    Help others should be good
  • lielie83020
    Great location, clean rooms, high cost performance.
  • e00167957
    Very near from Bund, cell phone signal is very poor
  • Allen06
    Also very close to the Bund pedestrian street, convenient, great, but the sound is not very good, frequently water wake hotel reception and staff workers a tone is not very good, seems to want to help you solve your problems
  • dulalala072606
    My wife and I were especially fond of, entering the room especially liked, just beside the hotel, go left, Bund, 500 metres on the right-hand side is Nanjing Road pedestrian street, too much, then living here
  • lynn422
    In General, began to have problems, then help me to solve this, room no food, mineral water, for 3 days, a slipper did not change, sheets not changed! 's worth the price!
  • liyixue
    Which is very nice
  • isaacli
    A big hotel has no room to contact front desk is two words, not.
  • sirlan
    Near the Bund, good location, small head look and attention surrounding taxi, child fever, took a taxi to the hospital in the Middle, give you no night shift at the hospital, pretending to be ignorant to say, Oh, do not open the door in the evening, then went around to the other hospital, slaughter did not discuss!
  • youtie01
    Very new hotel, decorate the makes me feel, excellent location, the Bund for two or three minutes
  • fcvivian
    Excellent hotel location. the hotel recommended
  • bli1969
    Hotel rooms, all parties were happy. go left and turn the Bund, suitable arrangements take a walk to the Bund at night ... the only drawback is the shortage of parking spaces, to bank charges across the night can stay in the parking lot.
  • siming007
    Nice hotel, convenient, and comfortable!
  • lujian71
    The location is good, room is not good!
  • E00012437
    Hotel location was convenient
  • niuniu8
    Very good, location was good, go left, two minutes walk from the Bund, go out, turn right and walk is five minutes walk. facilities and feature-rich. highly recommended.
  • fiona0329
    Location is very good, wherever convenient. surrounded by downtown, but the room was very quiet. small rooms, complete facilities, relatively warm. high price,
  • voyager
    Fa?ade is unlikely to, signs not obviously, somewhat like find underground organization as of feel. lobby in II floor, also is unlikely to. room area enough big has, relative Yu this location. room internal facilities also good, the some are has has, also compared about, no too much can picky of. live is warm, comfortable, convenient. only wants to spit slot about of is bathroom glass partition of color, red of not coordination, somewhat West behind area County Hotel of feel.
  • wjing080122
    Good will come again
  • angww
    Overall feel very good, very clean, the service is also in place
  • cliff
    High performance-price ratio
  • yilong
    Great location convenient and thoughtful service
  • jc50mail
    High performance-price ratio
  • dreamer_joe
    Hotel very clean, convenient metro station and only 2 minutes from the Bund
  • epangu
    It wasn't too bad
    Location ~ prices close to the Bund as 6,700 have reasonable price ~
  • randam
    Hotel rooms are too small, price is not high, the surrounding comfort
  • anyelin
    Overall design of the room is new, clean, very close to the Bund, the traffic is very convenient.
  • jasonlulu2000
    Front of the Bund, back street, very convenient, good location, service was okay, the tour, full marks!
  • e00342497
    Hotel is good, is when two people stay with a complimentary breakfast, and another was forced to return the money! a little strange!
  • psuccessb
    Very good visa
  • filance
    Good location, close to the pedestrian, conveniently
  • freysolo
    Hotel location very good, room is small, small Windows. equipment and facilities very good.
  • xiaodi0513
  • drynatto
    Good health condition, very close to the Bund
  • lxd2631331
    Good location, convenient to walking Street and the Bund are toiletries were very good, could have been the old building the rooms smaller than
  • bawangtu
    Location very close to the Bund, Nanjing Road shopping next time will come